Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

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Persistent motivationBody fat reductionBody confidence


L2 - Fitness InstructorL3 - Personal Trainer

About me

Hi I’m Kelly! I help people to lose weight, gain confidence and feel their strongest – physically AND mentally.

I haven’t always been a healthy person, so I understand how hard this can be. 3 years ago I was:

• Unhappily overweight

• Unfit

• Depressed

• Anxious

• Comfort eating

I would try to exercise but nothing stuck. I would quit gyms weeks after I’d joined. I simply didn’t have the knowledge, skills or confidence to achieve my goals.

My life changed when I changed my mindset & stayed consistent with my fitness. And that’s what I want to do for you. I will motivate you, encourage you and hold you accountable to discovering your very best physical and mental health.

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