Kyle Gough

Kyle Gough

Specialist areas

Muscle tone and developmentBody confidenceWeight lossNutritional guidanceStrength and conditioning


Level 3 Personal TrainingLevel 2 Gym InstructorEmergency First Aid

About me

OK LOOK…be honest with yourself. Are you truly happy with how you look? When you walk into the gym do you get confused on what to do for your workout?

I’m not trying to make you feel bad but I am trying to help you realise why a trainer is right for you! My REASON for becoming a personal trainer is to be able to help others. I want the genuine best for everyone and for the past 4+ years I've wanted to have an IMPACT on the world, no matter how small it is, and through being a TRAINER I'll be able to make others lives better. At the end of the day I truly care about changing lives and every client I get, I give my all to help them change!

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