Richard  Cephus

Richard Cephus

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About me

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer/ Strength and Condition Coach.

My focus is providing a service for individuals who have strength and flexibility imbalances, that can impede optimal movement in strength training & athletics. I work closely with all clients to provide individualise, comprehensive & progressive program to reach their goals.

My philosophy is that nutrition and exercise are the real medicines in life. I believe that getting results in the gym is around 40% "what" you do and 60% "how" you do it.

To put it in a nutshell “Physical activity is your ticket to a healthy body and mind"

Lack of movement is the reason why we lose a range of motion, rather than age which most people thinks is the elephant in the room. The ability to move your body and joints will help you lift heavier, run longer, move faster, keep in good physical shape and decrease your chances of injuries.