Chris Semla

Chris Semla

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Certified Level 2 Gym InstructorCertified Level 3 Personal Trainer

About me

Hi I'm Chris,

My fitness journey started when I was 16, watching "How to get abs in 10 minutes" on Youtube in my bedroom, now 6 years later I've managed to turn my passion for fitness into a career.

After experiencing first hand how something as simple as lifting weights a few times a week can make you grow as a person, I was determined to help guide others on their own journeys.

I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, it doesn't matter whether you're trying to build the body of your dreams, lose some excess body fat or a combination of both, I can get the job done.

My approach prioritises client happiness and sustainability, you can't expect to make meaningful and permanent changes if you don't have some fun along the way.

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