Craig Miller

Craig Miller

Specialist areas

Strength and conditioningMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reduction


Weight / Muscle GainStrength TrainingGain Confidence

About me

My name is Craig and I have participated and competed in sports for my whole life. You name it I have most likely participated or competed in it! My goal is to help clients gain muscle and strength the right way with no extra kilos of unwanted fat gained. I personally know the struggle to add those extra kilos going from an underweight teenager to building a more muscular frame through intensity and determination.

I will make sure you have the techniques down to perfection so you can really feel the burn and make those eye-catching gains in both muscle building and strength. No matter what the personal goals are I will make a unique plan fitted just for you. I am here to make sure you have a positive atmosphere, and I will support you to the best of my ability guiding you through your fitness journey. Whether you are taking your first step in the gym or have some prior experience I am here to help!