Michael Liddle

Michael Liddle

Specialist areas

Bespoke planStrength and conditioningSport specific trainingNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and development


Level 3 personal trainer

About me

Hi, I’m Michael and like many others in the fitness industry my own journey inspired me to become a Personal Trainer and help others. I have always had a keen interest in sport and used to play football and rugby growing up, but my interest in health and fitness started when I first joined the gym at the age of 16. I started mainly with cardiovascular training, and I competed in various runs in my early 20’s including several marathons.

Since 2015 I have focused primarily on strength-based exercise. I completed a nutrition course in 2017 to improve my understanding of just how important food is to exercise as my diet wasn’t the best. This course was the catalyst of my own change and turned health and fitness into a passion.

I understand that sometimes family and work take priority. I can provide a personalised workout plan that fits around your life but still helps you achieve your goals. With 24/7 support and guidance, nutritional advice, as well as free access to the My PT Hub app to all my clients, contact me using the below details or find me in the gym if you want to start the journey to a new and improved you.

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