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Thomas Aitken

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About me

My name is Thomas Aitken, I was born in Elgin near the Highlands I am a level 2 qualified gym instructor and level 3 personal trainer. During university I began competing in esports and became extremely unfit. At this time I got a PT that pushed me to start using the gym and begin trying to get my lifestyle back on track. The first few weeks were hard but I quickly became addicted to working out, it became the primary focus in my life, an anchor almost for everything else going on. This passion for working out that I developed with my trainer is what I aim to give my clients, together we can achieve an active daily lifestyle and enjoyment forfitness as I have.

My main focus is on powerlifting and bodybuilding however I really enjoy working with beginners who want to switch into a healthier lifestyle. I offer one to one sessions or group training depending on your needs. All workouts are focused towards your goals and aspirations.

My future goals are to fully pursue a career in personal training and fitness whilst focusing on becoming an amateur bodybuilder and powerlifter, with a goal of inspiring others to really push themselves beyond their perceived limits.

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