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Simon Kerr

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Hi guys, my name is Simon, thanks for stopping to
I started my fitness journey over 3 years ago
originally to combat my mental health. I was at an all
time low in my life and turned to fitness as a last
After accepting that I didn’t know where to begin, I
finally reached out to a coach and was introduced to
strength and conditioning training. To say physical
exercise changed my life, is an understatement and
I’m so passionate about what it can do for everyone
of us, both physically and mentally.
I can help you with your mentality and approach to
the gym by giving you the confidence to become the
strongest version of yourself. We will work at a pace
that suits you, and we’ll have some fun along the
way! I’d love to be a part of your journey, as I’ve
been in your shoes, and I want to show you what
you can achieve when a coach has got your back! -
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