Samantha Chamberlain

Samantha Chamberlain

Specialist areas

Muscle tone and developmentBody fat reductionBody confidence


Certified Level 3 - Personal TrainerCertified Level 2 - Gym Instructor

About me

Hi, I'm Sam, I know how scary the gym can be, as a female myself I was once in the same position as you, I joined the gym but didn’t know what to do. I know I really wanted to get into strength training but I didn’t know where to start.

One day, I faced my fear and jumped straight into the deep end. I knew what I wanted and I had to go for it.

Now, fast forward 5 years and I have helped so many women just like you transform their bodies and their mindset through strength training, getting serious about nutrition, creating new habits and enjoying life in the process. I want you to feel the most confident you ever have.

I know changing and creating new habits is daunting and takes work which is why I am here to guide you every step of the way.

I offer both 1-1 gym sessions and online coaching. All my clients are supported through my app where you will be able to access your tailored programme, nutrition guidance, 1-1 weekly progress check-ins with me, 24/7 message support plus much more.

If you are ready to take the leap and are serious about changing your lifestyle, pop me an email, come and say hi on the gym floor or find me on insta - @strongwithsam_

Let's take up space and get strong together!

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