Ryan Gourlay

Ryan Gourlay

Specialist areas

Muscle tone and developmentBody fat reductionBody confidence


Certified Level 3 – Personal TrainerCertified Level 2 – Gym InstructorCertified Indoor Cycle Instructor

About me

I’ve been training for 4 years, because of this I know just how difficult it can be to walk into a busy gym without having a clue about anything or what you are doing. I know this because I was in the exact same boat when I first started the gym, for the first year I made little to no progress because I was always worried someone was looking at me or judging my form or I was terrified to try a new exercise in case I done it incorrectly and people seen me. But as time went on, I fell in love with my training and fitness.

Like I said above I’ve been training for 4 years in the gym so over that time I am now in the position where I feel I can make a difference with people and help people with my knowledge and experiences as there will be so many people who are and will be in the same boat that I was back when I first started my fitness journey. Therefore, I want to make a difference with as many people as I possibly can, whether that be to push the person and keep them accountable by always being on their side or gaining confidence in the gym and helping them find a passion for fitness.

If any of that sounds appealing be sure to send me a message! Or if you see me on the gym floor, just give me a shout!

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