Monique Ibharalu

Monique Ibharalu

Specialist areas

Weight lossStrength and conditioningMuscle tone and development


Level 3 Personal Trainer

About me

Hello Everyone,

I'm thrilled to join the team as a personal trainer here at PureGym. I've been on my own fitness journey, battling low confidence and struggling with how I felt about my body.

A few years back, I couldn't stand the way I looked, and my confidence hit rock bottom. I stuck to baggy clothes, experimented with various diets, and even resorted to starving myself, believing it was the only way to feel better. Fast forward to now—I've transformed!

Through dedicated training and learning about nutrition, I've gained immense confidence. I now happily wear the clothes I've always wanted, and I've conquered my fear of the gym and other's opinions.

My mission as a personal trainer is to be there for you. Whether you're struggling with low body confidence or feeling intimidated by the gym, I want to help completely transform the way you see yourself. I'm here to provide support, guidance, and help you overcome any anxiety about stepping into the gym.

Got questions? Need a helping hand? Feel free to approach me at the gym anytime or drop me a message on Instagram!


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