Amu Hitekani

Amu Hitekani

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Personal Training Level 5Fitness Instructor Level 3Sports and Recreation Management Diploma

About me

Embracing a Passion: A Journey into Sports, Health, and Fitness

In my world, there's no backup plan. Sports, health, and fitness are not just my areas of expertise; they are my lifeblood. Embodying the Latin adage "Mens sana in corpore sano," or "a healthy mind in a healthy body," I am deeply rooted in the belief that mental and physical well-being are inseparable.

Despite dabbling in other career paths, I continually found myself drawn back to the realm of health and fitness. It's where I feel most at peace, where my true calling resides. Having immersed myself in countless sports throughout my life, I've come to realize that my true passion lies in working with people.

To me, being a trainer transcends simply guiding workouts; it's about healing and nurturing, akin to being a doctor of wellness. My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to enhance themselves both mentally and physically. Building enduring relationships and constantly broadening my horizons are the cornerstones of my mission.

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