Jamie Thorp

Jamie Thorp

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Kettlebell level 1 instructorLevel 3 advanced fitness instructingLevel 2 nutrition

About me

Hi everyone Jamie T Here!

First off before you read on thanks for viewing my profile was it silly overly enthusiastic smile and the bold head? I'm just joking!

I have been qualified in the industry now 11 years! Lots of experience throughout my times working with lots of different people throughout my time all with different things that I coach clients to solve!

My aim as an instructor is to work with Parents who want to achieve fat loss and have more energy within their Busy family lifestyle ! I understand having children changes your lifestyle significantly having a little son myself and we often don't prioritise ourself when we often should do!

My hope is to solve that by using methods you can fit into your lifestyle through a thorough chat at the beginning giving you workouts to maximise your time restraints to burn high amount of calories and bolster your energy levels!

It would be my pleasure to help you within your Pure Gym experience and give you that focus and Accountability you could do with!

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