Martin Herz

Martin Herz

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Level 3 Personal TrainerLevel 2 Fitness Instructing

About me

Hi, I’m Martin.

Are you looking to lose weight? Condition your body? Or get just fitter and stronger or increase muscle mass?

I have a lot of experience having competed in over 30 competitions in bodybuilding and getting 21 trophies in UKBFF and NABBA competitions. Having over 25 years' experience and studying I have the knowledge of how the body responds to exercise. I can help set smart goals and help you reach them.

Ever since I was young I loved sports and started playing football from the age of eight but it was short-lived as I picked up a knee injury that stopped me from playing. I then went on to boxing in High school and college. From the age of 14, I started training in the gym and did this ever since as a side activity alongside my boxing. I then moved to South Carolina, USA where I played and enjoyed semi-pro ice hockey.

I then moved to England where I have been ever since. Here the interest for ice hockey was nowhere near the same as in the US so I decided to focus on my childhood dream of becoming a bodybuilder. In bodybuilding I learned so much discipline and how to appreciate simple things when you are challenging yourself with a diet. I also can speak several languages including English, Czech, and Slovak Polish Russian.

I learned so much about my own body, I learned how to change my physique, weight, and condition my body to be able to compete. I am now ready to give back everything I have learned and help you reach your goals. I can not only help you with the physical side of things but also provide you with expert nutritional advice and also give advice on supplements if they are required. So why not get in touch today for your free no-obligation consultation. Do not wait for tomorrow - change your life today by getting in touch!

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