Aleksandar Bashikarov

Aleksandar Bashikarov

Specialist areas

Persistent motivationWeight lossStrength and conditioningNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentInjury prevention and rehabilitationBody fat reduction


Certified Level 2 – Gym InstructorCertified Level 3 – Personal Trainer

About me

With years of experience and a passion for inspiring, motivating, and helping others, I take my clients' goals personally and I am always willing to go the extra mile for them. Don’t just take my word for it, but have a look at some of the amazing clients' results & testimonials on my Instagram @aleksandarbashikarov.

My specialities are building muscles and strength development, body fat reduction, glutes building, and toning up, but I am also quite versatile in adapting to your needs.

I also offer 12 and 16-week, step-by-step full-body re-composition programs, to get in shape as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

I work with all levels, whether you are an experienced gym-goer who hit a plateau and lost motivation or someone just starting, book your complimentary consultation with me now and start your fitness journey the right way.

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