Ashard Robinson

Ashard Robinson

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Body confidence


Level 2 Fitness InstructingLevel 3 Personal Training

About me

This is my back story: I started going to the gym when I was studying in university and never looked back on fitness. I loved how I felt from exercising and eventually decided I’d go down the path of fitness to start working as a PT on Friday the 6th of May 2022 – a day I’ll never forget and will always remember with joy.

Along the way of working toward getting my Level 3 Personal Training qualifications (which I gained 3 days ago at the time of writing this), I’ve learned so much about fitness and life in general which I intend to build on long term.

Speaking of learning things, I’ve learned that I feel happy going out of my way to use my education which I intend to further develop to help people out within the lens of fitness and overall health.
If you are interested in such help, please feel free to talk to me in person when I free and/or contact me by phone.

Cheers to learning from each other and living how we truly want to live with the help of fitness and overall health together.

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