Jonathan  Fajardo

Jonathan Fajardo

Specialist areas

Bespoke planPersistent motivationBoxingStrength and conditioningMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reduction


Certified Level 3 – Personal TrainerCertified Indoor Cycle InstructorCertified Group ex based CPDs

About me

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 8 years and counting!

I first gained a passion for fitness when I was 18 years old back home in Columbia.

I started off with bodybuilding, and as time passed, I slowly implemented other training methods into my regime such as boxing; calisthenics; swimming and dancing. These where the ones that I enjoyed the most doing when growing through my journey.

I’ve always have had different goals in my life so I can push my self to be the best and achieved them at the end.

If you see me on the gym floor do not be afraid to ask me about anything as I like to help people that may feel lost or unsure about what they are doing.

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