Sapphire Dumas

Sapphire Dumas

Specialist areas

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About me

I first started training 7 years ago and understand the struggles when beginning a fitness journey, especially when it comes to motivation and consistency. I work mainly with females focusing on incorporating exercise into a lifestyle whilst, encouraging a healthy mindset around self image.

Having trained to become a personal trainer to help other people realise their potential and overcome the barrier between exercise and consistency. With my experience in functional strength training my aim is to build confidence and remove the stigma around weight training in women.

As, I believe in teaching my clients that fitness isn’t only about the physical but, also the mental aspects. Small steps produce big changes and I will be here throughout your journey to support and educate you in reaching your fitness goals.

If you would like to come in for a consultation..Drop me a message and lets get started!

Look forward to hearing from you!