Ben Mendoza

Ben Mendoza

Specialist areas

Sport specific trainingNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentFunctional specialistBody confidence


Level 3 Personal Trainer

About me

New to fitness or a highly trained athlete
Achieve measurable results using backed
training methods to accelerate you to your
Coming from a football background, health
and fitness has always been in my life! I fell
in love with gaining the 1% in order to
improve my own performance. This then
naturally led me on to coaching
Through out my career I have been fortunate
to train a range of clients, from complete
beginners in the gym getting wedding ready,
to elite level international athletes in season.
We adapt the work to meet your needs!
Seeing clients develop physically and
mentally is my favourite part of coaching

Here what they say:
'Ben is an excellent trainer. He has provided a bespoke training regime for me,
tailored to my specific fitness requirements. I have seen results within a very
short time, improved mobility, energy levels and overall fitness. Additionally he
is very professional and has excellent interpersonal skills, he knows when to
push you and when to ease off. I highly recommend him.'

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