Kain Tippett-Wilson

Kain Tippett-Wilson

Specialist areas

Weight lossNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentBody confidence


Level 3 personal trainer(Sports development, coaching and fitness) extended diploma

About me

I have always had a passion for exercise and sports; spending majority of my life playing football.

I have received instruction and guidance from coaches at the highest level over the years. I've also had the chance to collaborate with numerous professional athletes. The mindset I have adopted from these individuals is something I strive to deliver in my sessions.

Regardless of my clients' present lifestyles or skills, I am eager to inspire individuals to train like athletes. Results are inevitable with discipline, consistency, and diligence. Through my boxing and functional training programmes, I hope to instil these attributes.

Above all, I want us to train smart and work with purpose towards the goals we set out to achieve.

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