Andrea Antoniou

Andrea Antoniou

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Weight lossStrength and conditioningMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reduction


Level 2 Fitness InstructingLevel 3 Personal TrainingLevel 3 Nutrition

About me

The first truth bomb I'm going to hit you with is, health and fitness is a lifestyle, NOT a quick fix. The second truth bomb I'm going to resolve is this statement I regularly receive from new clients: "I want to tone my body but not build muscle" which is impossible to do.

The exact definition of toning is - "give greater strength/firmness to the body's muscles" So in order to get that "toned" look you want, you NEED to grow your muscles to the point which YOU are happy with. Also don't worry, we do not have enough Testosterone in our bodies as women to look like Miss Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that was my last truth bomb.

Being your personal trainer, I will always be 100% real, help develop your discipline and make you realize you're more than capable in achieving beyond what you ever thought was possible.

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