Yaw Fosu

Yaw Fosu

Specialist areas

Postural correctionBespoke planPersistent motivationStrength and conditioningPre and post natalNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentInjury prevention and rehabilitationFunctional specialistBody fat reduction


Advance level Personal Trainer and Nutritional guidanceDiploma ABA Boxing CoachKinesiology Foundation CourseFA Level 1 Coaching badgeEmergency First Aid at work

About me

Hi, my name is Yaw, and let me start by telling you that I don’t care where you came from, only where you’re going.

Maybe you’re here because you’re overweight and frustrated. You’ve tried everything and nothing has stuck. Maybe you’re here because of health issues, and this has you a little scared. Or because you just had a child or children and the reality that you being unhealthy could make their lives more difficult. Maybe you’re here because you just want to look in the mirror and feel better about yourself (prepping for a photo shoot, wedding a holiday goal).

Whatever reason (short or long term) thank you for being here, welcome to PureGym!

Starting right now, you’re going to learn how tiny little changes, done deliberately, will help you live a better, happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Sure, we’ll cover how to work out with correct form, and learn to do that chin up or deadlift you only dreamed about doing (Instagram @yemanjafitness) and how to cook a basic meal (Instagram @come_dine_with_yaw) and things like that. But we’re going to dive deep into fixing your mindset, helping you build habits, which will change your life, one decision at a time.

The best part is, you're actually going to have fun as you progress.

Depending on where you’re at now with your life, that might sound crazy; however, give me your attention now and promise me you’ll take a few key actions and I will help get you there. That's my promise.

The first key action step is to email, text or call me for your free consultation. A big part of your success will be finding things you enjoy – That way, you will train with happiness, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment. Small changes will eventually add up to huge results!

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