Julius Wiggan

Julius Wiggan

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Weight lossNutritional guidanceBody fat reductionBody confidence


Level 2 Fitness InstructorLevel 3 Personal TrainerLevel 3 Sports Massage Therapist

About me

I love the feeling of knowing that my hard work in the gym is paying off when I look in the mirror, with that said I have made it my goal to share that feeling with as many people as possible.

Through numerous hours of research, I now understand the science behind what it takes to help you achieve the body you dream about! But leave the boring science stuff to me, all you have to do with me as a client is turn up and I’ll take you through a tailored session with nutritional advice to meet your desires for the results you want, whether that’s trimming down for a holiday, bulking up those arms or hitting a new personal best, I’ve got you covered.

I am also a qualified level 3 Sports Massage Therapist, here to give you relaxing massages to soothe those sore muscles and help you forget about the daily stresses we all face.

My communication hours are when I’m awake so feel free to drop a text or email at any time throughout the day and I’ll be sure to get back to you to discuss things in more detail, happy training!

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