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Suet Wan

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About me

I’d put the idea of “good looking body shape “in my head by the social media ever since I was a teenager .When I grow up, I always tried to look a bit thinner just like those models in the magazine. It took me a long time to understand I will never be them and I don’t have to be them. Fitness helps me appreciate my own body and give me some other ideas of beauty and be confident of myself.

I believe achieving a body shape or improve the body strength is not about making huge changes in your life ,but more about making small consistent changes .Life may let you down, but your body won’t. If you are ready to be a better version of yourself and looking for a friendly supportive PT, come have a chat with me. Finding a right PT to go along with your fitness journey is the key to make the journey easier. Today is a good day to start.

If you see me in the gym ,don’t be afraid to approach me .I am more than happy to be part of your fitness journey and help out in any way.

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