Babatunde Macaulay

Babatunde Macaulay

Specialist areas

Weight lossStrength and conditioningMuscle tone and development


Level 3 Personal TrainerLevel 3 in Advice and Guidance

About me

Life can be hectic, but with all things, we should aim for balance.

Our everyday commitments are important and in order to achieve a harmonious balance in our lives it is important to incorporate training and nutrition as part of our daily lives.

I myself am a single dad of twin boys, and I know only too well how important it is to try and achieve the perfect work-life balance. I pride myself on planning and organisation and will take the stress of training as we work towards the best version of you.

If you want a personal trainer that can relate to your lifestyle needs and motivate you to achieve your goals then let's get started together.

Not only will we smash your fitness goals, we will make your daily tasks and errands easier too!!

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