Douglas Wong

Douglas Wong

Specialist areas

Postural correctionBespoke planWeight lossSport specific trainingNutritional guidance


Level 4 Premier TrainerLevel 4 Obesity and Diabetes specialistLevel 3 GP referral specialistLevel 3 Posture Assessment and CorrectionLevel 3 Exercise for Pre and Post NatalPremier certified Level 2 Fitness InstructorPremier certified Level 3 Personal TrainerNutrition for Exercise and HealthQualified Martial Art CoachQualified Kettlebell Instructor

About me

I have been involved in sports and fitness from a young age and have been coaching for 20 years. Understanding just how important personal fitness is in our daily lives, I am driven to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone. Your overall health and fitness is a personal journey and regardless of age, gender or current level I can help you to reach your goals.

Feeling uncomfortable and not sure what to do around other regular gym goers? I hear you, I am going to help you become confident on the gym floor. Sick of doing programmes by Instagram models, websites and magazines but not seeing results? I will show you how to progress with personalised training to keep your workout challenging, fun and productive.

Every individual will have different strength and fitness goals, there is no “one size fits all” formula. Training hard is not enough, you also have to train intelligently to succeed.

As a coach with a proven track record I will provide you with: • A personalised programme tailored to your needs • Programmes that are based on science and best practices that will take you to the next level • Knowledge that will give you confidence to take charge of your fitness journey • Nutritional guidance that will help fuel your body to become strong and lean • Motivational techniques and long-term strategies that will help keep you focussed.

A dream written down becomes a plan and a plan well executed becomes a reality. Let’s write that plan together. Come and talk to me today as a fitter, healthier, more confident you is just a conversation away.

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