Adrian  Olteanu

Adrian Olteanu

Specialist areas

Persistent motivationWeight lossNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reductionBody confidence


Level 2 Gym InstructorLevel 3 Personal Trainer

About me

I started my journey back in 2019 when I reached my “weight peak” of 106kg and I was breathing heavily only from tying my shoe laces.

I knew I need to change something immediately so I joined a gym and I start running. That’s all I knew at that point in terms of burning calories.

By the time I found the courage to use the free weights and the resistance machines, Covid came and all gyms closed. That didn’t stop me.

I started training at home using bodyweight exercises, resistance bands , 2 dumbbells and the park near my house to run. Being on furlough from work, having a lot of spare time and a new passion, I decided to start the course to become a Personal Trainer.

Meanwhile gyms reopened, I am now in the shape of my life, I graduated the Personal Trainer course and my journey continues, this time with an additional purpose: TO HELP THOSE TAKING THE SAME PATH I took when I needed to lose weight and change my lifestyle to a healthy lean one.