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About me

I believe that everybody has a duty to show themselves what they can achieve, especially with their health and fitness. I look to teach you a strong work ethic, constant progression and a love for your own health.

With my own love for sports, I want to pass on the things I've learned and allow you to appreciate your body at its strongest, fittest and healthiest. My passion lies in strength sports, such as weightlifting, olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, but also in general strength and muscle building. As a fan of the history of strength training, from Ancient Greeks to the modern Olympics, I myself have competed in weightlifting and I want others to push themselves out of their comfort zone, and allow themselves for all the growth that awaits there.

If you're looking to start, or continue, taking care of your physical wellbeing, I am here to support you down that path and celebrate the results with you. You can expect to get personalised programs, nutritional advice, and a in-depth understanding of why you do what you do.

If you ever see me on the gym floor or training, come and introduce yourself, and if you are interested in training together, don't hesitate to contact me.

Instagram: @coach.kub

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