Sam Wood

Sam Wood

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Level 2 Fitness InstructingLevel 3 Personal TrainingNASM Weight Loss Nutrition SpecialistNASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation for Sport

About me

Hey. I'm Sam

My fitness journey started out at around 18 years old as a very underweight and skinny lad. I was low on confidence, hardly any self esteem, but I was aching to test myself and prove that I could find a long term goal and stick to it. That's where the gym came in.

Over time I learned proper form, built muscle, and began to realise how good going after my goals and achieving them made me feel. I thought if I can make myself feel this way, imagine how good it would feel to help others towards achieving their goals, whether it be in the gym or outside in the world. If I can lift myself out of that mentality, imagine what I can do to help you! Whether your goal is to improve your performance in your favourite sport, or simply to tone up a bit, give me a call, drop me a message or come over for a chat in person!

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