Cara MacKinnon

Cara MacKinnon

Specialist areas

Nutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reduction


Level 3 Personal TrainingLevel 2 Gym InstructorEmergency First Aid at Work

About me

I’m a Personal Trainer, Professional Dancer, and a Nutrition and Health Coach.

Being active and living a healthy lifestyle has always been a must for me, not only for my professions but also to look after my present and future self. Training to me is more than just staying ‘fit and healthy’. It’s enjoyable, challenging and most importantly rewarding and this is what I aim to pass onto you.

I’m here to create YOU long term, achievable fitness habits, teach you training specific to your body, help you fuel your body correctly and be the support you need as you start or continue your journey. Let’s boost your confidence, chase your goals and together we can create you a healthier happier lifestyle.

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