Leon Greenwood

Leon Greenwood

Specialist areas

Weight lossMuscle tone and developmentPersistent motivationSport specific training


Personal Trainer level 3

About me

Helping people get their mojo back🔥

Hey, I’m Leon, a dedicated personal trainer with a passion for helping individuals unlock their full physical and mental potential while regaining their mojo. As a GB athlete and ex-shift worker, I know firsthand how hard it is to keep motivated.

My journey to becoming a GB athlete was filled with challenges, but it has also provided me with invaluable lessons and insights that I'm eager to share with you. Whether you're struggling with discipline, motivation, consistency, or simply need guidance within your fitness journey, I'm here to guarantee that you'll find your way back on track.

With over 10 years of coaching experience, I've had the privilege of changing many people’s lives through small impactful changes.

If you're ready to unlock the next level of your fitness and unleash your true potential, look no further—I'm here to be your coach, mentor, and biggest supporter every step of the way. Let's start the transformation journey together!

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