Sean  Clarkin

Sean Clarkin


NHS Exercise ReferralLevel 4 Master Practitioner in Personal TrainingLevel 4 Nutrition for Weight ManagementLevel 4 Diabetes ManagementLevel 4 Low Back PainLevel 3 Nutrition for Physical ActivityLevel 3 Exercise for Elderly AdultsLevel 2 Gym Instructor

About me

Body Recomposition Specialist

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I have helped thousands of people achieve their body goals over the last 13 years. If you are wanting to reduce your body fat and tone or build quality lean muscle then get in touch and join me for a free week trial.

Using my experience alongside state of the art tracking and monitoring equipment and software I will provide you with guaranteed real world results. During this trial period I will show you how my expertise in body recomposition will help you reach your goals quickly.

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Specialist Areas

Body Recomposition

Body fat and weight reduction

Muscle toning and development

Developing HIIT & functional training programs for weight loss

Developing HIIT & functional training programs for lean muscle gain

Strength and conditioning

Bodybuilding and compound exercise coaching

Heart rate threshold monitoring and programming