Matthew Daykin

Matthew Daykin

Specialist areas

Weight lossNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reductionBody confidence


Level 2 Gym InstructorLevel 3 Personal Trainer

About me

I love working with individuals who would like to add some size to their frame in terms muscle and those who are looking to lose weight through reducing body fat. As someone who was quite skinny growing up, I appreciate how challenging it can be to bulk up but more importantly do so in a sustainable and enjoyable way.
Having inspired many clients to positive behavioral change, I cannot wait to help you do the same! My experience includes coaching clients one to one, helping them lift correctly, provide ongoing support especially during tough times and taking them closer to their goals over a structured training program.
I also instruct group classes, making sure everyone is challenged and inspired to give their all. Whether that’s a HIIT workout with cardio or using weights to chase that pump, you can be sure my classes will be fun, lively and worthwhile!
I am a firm believer that what you do outside the gym is just as important as the workout itself to ensure consistent results. You can see me as a mentor and friend as well as a fitness coach! I look forward to working together and guiding you to be your best possible self.

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