Tee-jai Willmott

Tee-jai Willmott

Specialist areas

Persistent motivationBoxingWeight lossStrength and conditioningSport specific trainingBody fat reductionBody confidence


Level 2 fitness instructorLevel 3 personal trainerBoxercise coach

About me

Have you ever felt self conscious walking into a gym? Maybe you're feeling like your working hard and not seeing results? or you might even be the complete opposite and lack that motivation to get into the gym

when I entered the gym, I felt very overwhelmed but luckily for me I had someone to guide me through the steps, so I knew what I was doing which I would highly recommend you do.

coming from a bodybuilding background with family has also helped me be finely tuned with what the body needs. On the other hand even though I had support every time I went into the gym and got to the weights area I wanted to run away. the turning point for me was not underestimating myself and having small targets.

As a personal trainer I don't just focus on your exterior I will also take personal time to work on your confidence and overall well-being. Having played at a high level of football I understand the mental side of sport and what needs to be done to get where you want to be.

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