Leah Thompson

Leah Thompson

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Level 2 Fitness instructingLevel 3 Personal Trainer

About me

Hey! I'm Leah, And my primary goal is to help you become the best version of you possible, whatever that may look like. In my opinion, with the right motivation, mindset and accountability you can achieve anything you want in life.

Now, I know that sounds like a statement people throw around a lot without really meaning it, but I don’t say it lightly. Back in 2019 I was in an accident that resulted in me having a bleed on the brain, I had to learn to walk again and my dreams of joining the army were over. However, I was determined to no let such a thing define me – since then I have not only built up the strength to get out of the wheelchair and walking on my own; I’ve fallen back in love with training, deadlifted 2x my body weight and completed The London Marathon. And THIS is why I truly believe that if you want something hard enough, together WE can make it happen.

My fitness journey, as do most, started way back in school – I’ve always loved moving my body, feeling strong and using exercise as a way to process my emotions. When I was younger, I had a poor relationship with my body and food leading to various eating disorders. Yes, I was the smallest I had ever been, but I was not the happiest or the healthiest. Over the years I have worked really hard to get to the point where I am now both physically and mentally. Having PCOS I also understand that you must work with your body and not against it, through trial and error I have found that my love and passion lies within strength training. PCOS can make it quite difficult to lose weight but definitely leans into me being able to put on muscle. I’ve gone from wanting to be as small as possible to being PROUD of my size, having ridiculous amounts of confidence and just over all a lot happier within myself.

If this is the kind of change you want to see within yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me – I would love to begin the journey with you!

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