Naomi  Hearfield

Naomi Hearfield

Specialist areas

Weight lossPre and post natalNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentBody confidence


M10 Personal Training MentorshipPre and Post Natal Training

About me

I’m a Personal Trainer and Online Coach with over 5 years experience.

My coaching is all about helping you to reach your goals without fad diets and without cutting out foods (carbs are a must!!). I teach you how to fuel your body right and to how to balance your social life and your health and fitness goals.

I help you feel strong in the gym, become confident in the weights section and go into the gym knowing exactly what you’re doing each time. Each session is focused around making the exercise work for you, to make you feel good and push you towards your goals. You’ll see progress week on week and be getting the most out of your sessions every time.

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