Bex  Harding

Bex Harding

Specialist areas

Postural correctionBespoke planPersistent motivationWeight lossStrength and conditioningSport specific trainingSpecial populationsNutritional guidanceMuscle tone and developmentFunctional specialist

About me

Hi! I’m Bex and I help empower women to feel like the most confident version of themselves
without restriction!

I am an experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer and Online Lifestyle Coach and have already
helped so many incredible women change their lives and reach their goals! #TheGirlGang

I have been on my very own fitness journey so I am right there with you and understand
how daunting it can feel. My passion is being able to use the tools and knowledge that I
have used to be able to support and guide you along the way with both fitness and
nutrition with a tailor made plan to suit you, your current lifestyle and goals.

Being coaching by me is not limited to any particular type of person, it is accessible to all!
Whether you’ve never stepped foot in the gym before and need support with starting out
on your fitness journey or you are a regular gym goer who wants that little bit more
structure and accountability Empowered By Bex has got your back!
Come and join the Empowered By Bex girl gang become the best version of you! <3

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