Jasmine Sawyers

Jasmine Sawyers

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Weight lossNutritional guidanceBody confidence


Certified Nutrition (AFM/ISSN)Advisor etcWomen’s Fitness specialistCertified Level 3 – PersonalTrainerCertified Level 2 – FitnessInstructor

About me

I started my fitness journey right here, where you are now! At Stockport Pure Gym. I started by joining the classes, and that then gave me the confidence to get out into the gym and train by myself. From there my passion for fitness, health & wellbeing grew and that then led me into wanting to learn more. I gained my Personal Training qualifications and became a Women’s Fitness Specialist. My ethos as a fitness professional is to encourage a happier, healthier lifestyle and to support you on your fitness journey. If you are interested in transforming your lifestyle and becoming happier, healthier, fitter and stronger then find me on the gym floor. Alternatively send me a message and we can book in your free consultation. ​

I got you girl!​

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