Callum Creak

Callum Creak

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Weight lossMuscle tone and development


Level 2 Gym InstructorLevel 3 Personal Trainer

About me

Hello Everyone! My name is Callum and I'm a personal trainer here at PureGym. If you're looking for someone to be honest upfront and tell you know how it is I'm your guy! This has served me well for the most part and has also got me into trouble! 😂

My love for fitness has been on and off for many years but then solidified during 2020. As we all know, that was a hard time for the entire world and a time where we all got to know ourselves a bit better. During this time, I realised my passion for fitness, helping people and before you know it, I got studying.

I believe the gym is a special place for people to express themselves to be the best versions they can be! I look forward to seeing all of you shatter your limits! (Safely!!!)

I'll be walking around so please feel free to come say hello, I'll see you at the top!

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