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Kam Madueke

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Hello, my name is Kamdi and I'm a personal trainer here at Puregym. Growing up sports was always a passion of mine, but life and an unhealthy relationship with food as a teen got in the way. When i was 15 I decided to make a permanent change and educate myself, thus my fitness journey began. Along the way I've tried a shed load of fad diets and fitness routines, but the true change came from a shift in mindset and gradually implementing healthier habits, rather than a temporary diet. Since then, my strength, athletic performance and overall wellbeing drastically improved and this sparked my passion for fitness and wanting to help others who may have felt the same as I did. My responsibility as your personal trainer is to guide and motivate you in and outside the gym, working closely with you and tailoring to your personal needs, goals and being the support that I wish I had when starting out! Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free consultation, and if you happen to see me on the gym floor and have any queries... Come say Hi!

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