Sophie Strutte

Sophie Strutte

Specialist areas

Persistent motivationWeight lossMuscle tone and developmentBody fat reductionBody confidence


Level 3 Personal trainerLevel 2 fitness Instructor

About me

I started in the same position as many of you, I was unhappy in my body, lacked confidence and had a terrible relationship with food. I was stuck in the binge/restrict cycle. I tried every diet known to man, I would lose weight rapidly, then I’d pile it back on and more. I could never find a balance.​

Overcoming this battle with food and my body has led me to become passionate about helping others to create a more positive relationship with themselves, fitness and food.​

I work closely with my clients to meet their fitness goals, but do so in a way that also takes into account their well-being and mental health.​

My ultimate goal as a personal trainer is to help you start your journey to becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself.​

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