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Catherine Butterworth

If you’re looking to gain confidence around fitness, nutrition and most importantly for yourself then I’m here to help you. Got a goal to work towards? Even better. 

I’m here as an ally to keep you accountable, motivated and always moving in the right direction and to give you the knowledge so that you know exactly what to do & why you’re doing it. This goes just as much for food as it does the gym! 

As someone who used to have huge anxiety around the gym (especially the weights area) I know that once you know that you’re doing the right things, for the right reasons, you will feel 1000x more confident, both in and out of the gym.  

Life is for living, and I can show you how to reach your goals without having to cut out anything that you love (yes, food & drink). I’m here to help you find a way of training that suits your body, your goals and most importantly that will fit in with your lifestyle! 

Specialist Areas

  • Body confidence
  • Body fat reduction
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Persistent motivation
  • Weight loss