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Jack Trappolini


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Jack Trappolini

From fat to black belt; from lazy to marathon runner...I’ve been there before. I know how it feels, I know how to change, I know I can help you to do so too!

My name is Giacomo (Jack) I’m a Personal Trainer and a Taekwondo 3rd DAN Black Belt and instructor. Sport and discipline have changed my life for the better and now I’d like to help anyone who wants to start the same journey.

If there is a thing that I can guarantee it's that I’m going to utilise my knowledge, passion, and energy at the service of whoever wants to get the best possible results from me.

You and your goals will be my only focus and I’ll always do my best to help you achieve the best possible results you can get!

As a Taekwondo competitor I’ve been trained to fight for what I wanted. As a runner I’ve learned how to go for that last mile and never give up and those are the motivations I’ve always wanted to pass on to my students whether they were martial arts competitors, runners, or people who just want to get fitter, leaner or more muscular. 

Motivation, hard work, and fun are the keys, let me help you through your journey and you will get great results!


  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
  • Taekwondo kids programme certificate
  • Pad works
  • Suspended training (TRX)
  • High intensity training
  • First Aid at work