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Jordan Lambert

Let's be honest - the gym can be an intimidating place, at SAB we help busy people find the time to work on their health & fitness. We will support you both inside and outside of the gym, showing you how you can get results without cutting out your favourite foods. 

So if you - 

 ❗ Are not wearing the clothes you want to wear because of how they fit you 

 ❗ Struggling to keep up with the little ones in the garden 

 ❗ Avoiding social situations because you're lacking the confidence

 ❗ Unsure what you should be doing to either lose weight or tone up

 ❗ Letting how you look, determine what you wear

 ❗ Feel all alone in your health and fitness journey 

 ❗ Sticking to the same 3 cardio machines when you go to the gym or even doing the same classes and just not seeing the results you deserve. 

I have a solution to all of this that has worked for 100s of people. 

SAB will help you 

✅ Start getting the spring back in your step having more energy than you had in your teens, stop feeling tired all of the time, and start living your life

✅ Feel more empowered - love the person looking back at your in the mirror
✅ Stop letting your body image control the clothes you wear

✅ Tone up your body - tighten those loose areas

✅ Transform your body and see what other aspects of your life will improve alongside your health and fitness

Specialist Areas

  • Body fat reduction
  • Weight loss


Certified Level 3 - Personal Trainer

Certified Level 2 - Gym Instructor