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Jorge Suarez

We all have a past and I'm sure, many times, we have been grateful for it.

In my past, I have overcome lots of barriers such as being in a road traffic accident that led me to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life - doctors said. 

Thanks to faith, support and the desire to not give up I started walking again. 

I also had surgery on both of my hands and the last barrier I've had to overcome when I dislocated my right clavicle whilst playing football. 

it took me one year and a month to recover and to be able to work out properly. 

Thanks to my past, I have been through different fitness stages therefore I have learnt from my own experience how to lose weight and gain muscle by working out hard but also carefully as I have had many injuries.

so my message here is if I did it, you can do it as well and if you don't know how, I am here to help!

Checkout my Instagram account if you wish: th3_surv1vor 

Specialist Areas

  • Muscle tone and development
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss


Level 2 fitness instructor

level 3 personal trainer

first aid