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Sean O'Shea


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Sean O'Shea

I help busy people to build muscle and get stronger, whilst dropping bodyfat, so they get into the best shape of their lives and feel amazing.  Alongside this, becoming fitter and much stronger in their minds, all whilst sustaining a new healthier lifestyle around work and family.  The 3 biggest words my clients have used to describe me are “professional”, “knowledgeable” and “dedicated”. 


I have 5 years of coaching experience here, most of the clientele I’ve worked with are men, but not exclusive to, and are busy professionals, that start with little confidence, low energy, a lack of knowledge on what to do and how to keep making progress. Can you relate?


Coaching sessions are based around lifting weights, teaching you optimal technique and how to work specific muscles properly.  Ensuring you’re doing exercises safely, effectively and learning to perform correctly so you become more confident, knowledgeable and make greater progress.  I can also assess and help to improve posture, work with muscle imbalances or post-rehab concerns to improve your ability to move, perform, and feel better.


My background consists of 8 years of training and learning, going from a skinny guy with low self-confidence, to packing on muscle size, getting strong and gaining confidence in how I look.  I have then gone through further transformations in recent years of getting super lean to compete in physique on stage and winning.


When you start with me, alongside your structured training sessions, you’ll have a program tailored to you that you can follow and track on my app, You’ll get regular check in’s outside of sessions for accountability, support and to help keep you on track. You’ll also become part of my ACTin Fitness team, joining and meeting other clients just like you and have access to the client resource hub, packed full of support material and videos for your training, nutrition and lifestyle, to help get you the best possible results!


Drop me an email to enquire and we’ll discuss how I can help you achieve your goals! My testimonials can be viewed on my Instagram @seano_actinfitness and website

Specialist Areas

  • Body fat reduction
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Postural correction
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss


  • Level 2 Fitness Instruction
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 5 Diploma Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Coaching Academy Student
  • Emergency First Aid