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Shannon Parsons

I started my journey in fitness not knowing what to do and making so many mistakes but learning on the way. Learning about the fitness industry, our bodies and what we can achieve inspired me to become a PT and learn as much as possible about how to help people become the healthiest, happiest and strongest versions of themselves. I understand the struggles you have when motivation is low, you don’t believe in yourself or confidence is lacking and you feel overwhelmed on where to start.

 Life can sometimes get too much trying to juggle everything and the last thing you want to do is workout and you beat yourself up for it. But I am here to support you and turn that motivation into consistency and that self doubt into a ‘I can and I will’ attitude. I will be honoured in supporting you to become more educated, confident, accountable and motivated and we will make your goals and aspirations a reality.

If you see me around the gym and would like a chat about how I can help you or if you would like to get in contact via the information above.

Specialist Areas

  • Body confidence
  • Body fat reduction
  • Muscle tone and development


Certified Level 2 - Fitness Coach 

Certified Level 3 - Personal Trainer