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At Home Ab Workout


If you search for “home ab exercises” on the internet you’ll probably come across hundreds of ab exercises to choose from so it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to figure out which ab workouts are best suited for beginners. 

To help you with this, we’ve come up with a 5 move ab workout that’s both effective and beginner-friendly in building a solid foundation to a strong core.

All you need for this ab workout is a mat so you can try this out at home or in the gym. This workout roughly takes 10-15 minutes.

Watch the video below to see PureGym Insider @peterpuregym perform all the ab exercises in this workout so you can see how to do them and give the workout a go!


  • Bicycle crunch. Perform 10 reps
  • Sit up. Complete 10 reps
  • Alternative toe touches. Perform 10 reps
  • Side plank. Hold 20 seconds.
  • High Plank knee tap, Complete 10 reps.
  • High Plank shoulder tap. Perform 10 reps.

Perform each of the exercises following the amount of reps or time suggested and take 20 seconds rest before moving onto the next exercise. Once you have completed all 5 exercises, take a 20 seconds break and repeat the entire circuit.

Adding this into your weekly workout routine once or twice a week is suggested to help you develop a stronger core. If you find this workout is getting easy as the weeks go by, you can make it more challenging by increasing the reps or time for the exercise. But remember, it's better to perform quality reps than quantity reps so perform these movement with control! 

Whilst many people like to train abs in pursuit of a flatter stomach or six pack which is fine, remember that there are other benefits when it come to training your abs. Your core muscles play a huge part in your everyday activities - they essentially support your entire body. Having a strong core can also help improve strength in other areas and also other sports so including some sort of ab routine into your workout plan is suggested.

If you want to switch your ab routine up, you can also try our toned tummy workout for beginners.

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