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5 Ways To Overcome A Fitness Plateau


What Is A Fitness Plateau | How To Tell If You’ve Hit A Plateau | 5 Ways To Overcome A Fitness Plateau | FAQs

Page last update: 25th April 2024

Hitting a fitness plateau can be frustrating (we know!) and in many cases, it's inevitably going to happen at some point in your journey. 

The important thing is to avoid feeling discouraged and instead focus on how to move on and overcome it. To help you with just that, here are top tips from PureGym Insider, Peter Williams, to help you get over the hurdle and back on track to smashing your fitness goals.

What Is A Fitness Plateau?

A fitness plateau, also known as a workout plateau, is what happens when your body becomes accustomed to your workout routine. When this happens, you might struggle to see results, despite maintaining your fitness routine.

Fitness plateaus are extremely common and typically occur after a period of consistent training without variation or progression. Plateaus usually signal the need for adjustments in training intensity, duration, or type to help you continue making progress towards your fitness goals.

Another type of plateau you may hear about is a weight loss plateau. This refers to when a person is following a diet that has been working, but have stopped losing weight. Similar to a fitness plateau, this usually signals a need for adjustments in calories or exercise. 

How to Tell if You’re in a Fitness Plateau 

Fitness plateaus should be quite easy to spot. If you’ve been following the same workout routine for a while and aren’t seeing improvements as quickly or noticeably, you’ve likely hit a fitness plateau. 

Some key signs might include:

  • Minimal to no progress in weight loss, muscle gain, or strength, despite consistent effort
  • Feeling less challenged or motivated during workouts
  • Noticing no improvements in endurance or performance over time
  • Experiencing increased fatigue or lack of energy during exercise

One of the biggest signs may also be that you’re finding your workout routine easy. 

5 Ways to Help Overcome a Fitness Plateau

The good news is that there are some surefire ways to get out of your fitness plateau quickly.

Our PureGym Insider, Peter Williams, has provided some great tips to get you back to your best and on track to hit your fitness goals.

  1. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

You can do this by breaking down the exercises you normally do in your training and focusing on what you can do better. For example, instead of rushing through repetitions, concentrate on executing each movement with proper technique and control to get the maximum benefit from each exercise. Making small workout adjustments like this can result in big changes over time.

  1. Adjust Your Training Systems

Changing up your exercises is a great way to give your muscles a ‘wake-up call’ and break through plateaus. Think about incorporating drop sets or supersets, increasing the number of reps performed while decreasing rest time, or simply increasing the amount of weight you’re lifting. Need a refresher on the above terms? Take a look at our Guide to Gym Slang.

  1. Review Your Diet

What you eat and drink plays a massive role in your fitness journey. For example, if your main goal is to put on muscle, make sure you're consuming enough protein and calories to support muscle growth. Similarly, if you’re looking to lose belly fat, you might want to focus on reducing your overall calorie intake and remaining in a calorie deficit

  1. Have a Rest Once in a While

Having regular rest days is crucial for your muscle recovery and growth. You might be in a fitness plateau simply because you’re overtraining, which can naturally lead to fatigue and keep you in that plateau. 


Listen to your body and schedule rest days into your routine to allow for proper recovery and prevent burnout. On your rest days, try to do some gentle stretching, yoga or walking to keep active. Remember, progress is made during rest, not just during workouts.

  1. Consult A Personal Trainer

If you’re still stuck in a fitness plateau, despite trying all the above, it might be time to speak to one of our personal trainers. They’ll be able to assess your current workout plan and provide professional advice on how to break out of your plateau and hit your goals. Speak to one of our personal trainers for more information.


How do I get out of a fitness plateau?

The best way to overcome a fitness plateau is to try varying your workout routine by changing exercises, increasing intensity, or trying new activities. Make sure your diet supports your workout and you’re getting enough rest. If you find that you’re still not making any progress after trying the above, you might want to speak to a personal trainer. 

How do you break through a strength plateau?

To break through a strength plateau, focus on progressive overload by increasing weights, reps, or sets gradually. Make sure you vary your exercises and intensity, get enough rest and keep your body properly fuelled and hydrated.

How many weeks is considered a weight loss plateau?

A weight loss plateau is typically when there's no significant change in weight for around 4 to 6 weeks, despite consistent diet and exercise efforts. By this point, you should consider switching up the intensity or duration of your exercises and possibly speaking to a certified nutritionist to make sure you’re dieting correctly. 

Are weight loss plateaus common?

Yes, especially if you’re new to exercise. When you first start exercising, you’re more likely to see results faster as your body adapts to the new stimulus. However, as you keep going, your metabolism may adjust, and your body becomes better at burning calories. 

Don’t Let a Fitness Plateau Weigh You Down

Everyone runs into a fitness and workout plateau at some point. The key is knowing how to push through to continue with your fitness journey and continue to make great progress. 

You might even want to think about your fitness plateau as a milestone - and it’s just a matter of time before you hit your next goal. It’s also worth mentioning that everyone’s fitness journey is different, and we all hit stumbling blocks along the way to our goals. 

Ready to break through a plateau? Find your nearest gym here.

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