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Gyms in Nottingham

Gyms in Nottingham

Check out our cheap gyms in Nottingham below to discover which one is nearest to where you live, work or study.

Our memberships are contract-free which means you'll pay just one month at a time and can leave at any time...although we doubt you’ll want to! Kick start your fitness with three cheap gyms in Nottingham to choose from, all packed with high-quality kit and more than 50 free group exercise classes to help you smash your fitness goals. And because we're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can workout any time, night or day.

You'll never have to queue for equipment at our gyms in Nottingham as there's more than 220 pieces of kit to choose from in each gym. Whether you've never stepped foot inside a gym before or stepping on to a treadmill is second nature, there's a PureGym in Nottingham for everybody and every budget.

We have a number of membership options to choose from, including day passes, no-contract memberships, multi-gym access memberships, student memberships and more!  Find out exactly where out Nottingham gyms are located and discover what makes our gyms great below.

Our Gyms in Nottingham

All open 24 hours a day

What makes our gyms great

Our members get access to all of this. So could you:

  • 3 Gyms in Nottingham to choose from
  • Flexible membership options to suit everybody
  • No contract - leave when you want
  • Over 150 classes run every week
  • Most open 24 hours a day
  • Great locations across the city

Close to work or home, we've got you covered

PureGym offers really great fitness facilities with enthusiastic, supportive staff. They offer 99% of what 99% of the population could possibly want for a truly great work-out

Sir Chris Hoy
One of Britain's most successful Olympians and PureGym Ambassador
Sir Chris Hoy